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The Plastics Paradox

Billions of tons of plastic waste end up in the oceans every year. Tourism is both a culprit and a victim at the same time. An interview with Martina von Münchhausen of WWF.

Sustainability as a Process

The certification organisation for sustainable tourism TourCert certifies travel and tourism enterprises and destinations worldwide with regard to their economic, ecological, and social responsibility. In our interview, CEO Marco Giraldo explains key aspects of this kind of certification.

Transforming Tourism

Many tourists would like to travel in an eco-friendly and socially responsible manner. What can policy makers, the travel and tourism industry and customers do in order to get tourism on track to become more sustainable? We spoke with Harald Zeiss, Professor for Tourism and Sustainability at Harz University of Applied Sciences.

The Renaissance of Travel Agencies

The new possibilities of the virtual world pose challenges to conventional sales. Thomas Bösl, executive director of rtk International, an international cooperation for travel agencies, and spokesperson of the Quality Travel Alliance (QTA), explains the key characteristics of travel agencies.

Great new world of travelling?

Online booking portals and social media are revolutionising the tourism sector. Not just the young generation of travellers make use of digital channels. How can this transformation be organised? We talked with Michael Buller, chairman of the Association of Internet Travel Sales.

Opening our eyes to new perspectives!

From Latin America, Africa, and Asia: In this year’s selection round for the TODO Awards 2019, six promising projects from three continents have emerged as nominees, out of a total of 19 applications.