Overexcited - Overdone - Overtourism

As if overtourism hadn’t been criticised earlier, popular destinations more and more often see discontent of local people against excessive tourism: From Mallorca to Cuba, from Barcelona to Berlin.
At the same time the tourists themselves are often in each other’s way. At hotspots large numbers of cruise passengers collide with tourists on cultural and study tours, low-budget travellers fill cafés will their trolley suitcases, ”stag and hen parties” are celebrated as the most individual events. Overtourism everywhere.
And hardly does a remote corner get hyped through Lonely Planet may there be massive consequences, especially in structurally backward developing countries, while other countries such as Sweden, for example, list as much as ”the entire county on Airbnb“ and announce that “every lake” may become one’s personal “infinity pool“.
Does the revolution (of travel) eat its children? How does the tourism sector with its focus on growth deal with its success? And how will the respective destinations manage not to cut the branch they are sitting on?

Andreas Stopp, Journalist, Deutschlandfunk

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