Travel as the last opportunity?

Longings in times of permanent crises

The desire for a change of scenery, relaxation, recuperation or carefree living has no longer been a matter of course since mora than two years. An accumulation of crises and problems now characterises not only our everyday lives, but also leisure behaviour, holidays and the longings associated with them. Around the world, we are confronted with an ominously linked constellation of climate change, the Corona pandemic, the Ukraine war, refugee misery, energy worries, inflation fears, water shortages, forest fires or drought catastrophes – right up to, and including, chaos at the airports.

How will we still be able to travel and follow our desires in the future if everything is either a risk or subject to restrictions or if renunciation for the sake of reason becomes the new lifestyle? What will happen to us? Do we encapsulate ourselves? Are we denying ourselves the opportunity for intercultural encounter? Is this causing economic need in tourist destinations? And what does all this mean for tour operators? Can they adjust, adapt or are they facing an uncertain transformation?

Malicious tongues claim that the currently rising booking figures are an expression of perceiving one's own life as the last opportunity before - rien ne va plus - nothing works anymore. Do we want to accept this and talk about dystopia or do we find ways that are sustainable? Climate-neutral, environmentally conscious and socially responsible. So that future generations have the chance to gain experience worldwide or simply to relax.

In view of the increasing uncertainties, this year's Ammerlander Gespäche would like to discuss the perspective of tourism with tour operators and also take a look at the effects on the destinations visited.

Andreas Stopp, Journalist, Deutschlandfunk

Speakers and statements
Prof. Dr. Harald Zeiss
Renounce, condemn, avoid? Travel under the influence of socio-political developments

Peter-Mario Kubsch (cancelled at short notice due to illness)
Travel lust with travel frustration - what prevails? Tour operators are challenged more than ever

Álvaro Blanco Volmer
Anything but the usual! Mediterranean holiday destinations in search of new concepts