TOURA D’OR Film Award for ZDF and WDR

Honouring the most convincing film in the category “informational films and documentaries“ and the best ”magazine and service contribution“ for their coverage of the Maldives and Small Canary Islands; the award winning films promote a kind of tourism that minimises the harmful social and environmental effects it causes. The award ceremony (of trophies without prize money) took place today at ITB Berlin, stage in hall 4.1. All the award winners were present. The speech in honour of the award winners was held by the environmental journalist Dr. Susanne Götze. The event was moderated by Karl Mertes.

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The TOURA D’OR, international film award for sustainable tourism, was awarded this year in two categories: The ZDF production ”Malediven – Notruf aus dem Paradies“ (“Maldives – Emergency Call From Paradise”) by Raimund Waltenberg got an award as the best informational film/documentary. Furthermore, the sponsors of the award honoured the two WDR authors Karl Waldhecker and Andreas Michels for their film ”Erlebnisreisen Spanien – Inselhopping auf den Kleinen Kanaren“ (“Adventure Tours Spain – Island Hopping on the Small Canary Islands”) as the best magazine and service contribution.

The documentary ”Malediven – Notruf aus dem Paradies“ by Raimund Waltenberg covers the critical situation of the Maldives. On average, the islands are just one metre above sea level. As a consequence of climate change, they are literally facing the threat of drowning. Examples of different private and public projects show the efforts that are being made to stabilise marine and terrestrial habitats.

In the magazine contribution “Erlebnisreisen Spanien – Inselhopping auf den Kleinen Kanaren“, the audience meets committed operators of tourism services for nature loving holiday makers who are looking for tranquillity and prefer typical local accommodation. Some of these tourism services are supported with EU funding, but also flourish thanks to the trendsetting ideas and the commitment and self-confidence of the protagonists.

Since 1990, the Institute for Tourism and Development (Studienkreis für Tourismus und Entwicklung e. V.) has been awarding the TOURA D’OR to honour film productions that promote socially responsible, environmentally compatible, sustainable tourism.

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