In our various projects we critically and constructively deal with the opportunities, risks, and responsibility of tourism development.



The Renaissance of Travel Agencies
The new possibilities of the virtual world pose challenges to conventional sales.
Thomas Bösl, executive director of rtk International, an international cooperation for travel agencies, and spokesperson of the Quality Travel Alliance (QTA), explains the key characteristics of travel agencies.

What we do

For 20 years, the Institute for Tourism and Development has been a pioneer in eco-friendly and socially responsible tourism. It does important work in the fields of information and education: Apart from the SympathieMagazin series, consisting of booklets on different countries, religions and topics, it publishes a series of research papers ("Schriftenreihe für Tourismus und Entwicklung“) as well as various publications and research papers. Furthermore, the Institute is engaged in consultancies and organises training seminars for staff in tourism: the “Intercultural Tour Guide Qualification“. It conducts international contests such as the ”TO DO Award“ and  “TO DO Award Human Rights in Tourism".. With the event formats “Ammerlander Talks“ and “ITB Interjections“ it promotes dialogue in tourism. The Institute for Tourism and Development is a registered not-for-profit organisation working independently.


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