Aims and Objectives


... focus on controversial issues in tourism development.

... commit ourselves to tourism development which attempts to sustain human dignity, security and justice for all actors involved in tourism.

... act in a critical, well-researched, practically orientated manner on a non-profit basis.

... monitor conditions, phenomena and effects of tourism development.

... increase awareness of the opportunities and risks of tourism development for people, nature and culture as well as of the respective responsibilities of all actors concerned.

... focus on tourism developments in economically less developed regions, especially in the so-called 'developing countries'.

... support forms of tourism which contribute to intercultural encounter, which allow for joint learning processes, mutual respect as well as respect for cultural diversity and the sustainable use of natural resources.

... develop concepts to optimise tourism development in line with principles of socially responsible and environmentally sustainable tourism.

... take part in the public debate on tourism development issues.