Chair Committee and Staff
Chair Committee and Managing Director

Prof. Dr. Dietmar Herz Dr. Dietlind von Laßberg Dr. Dietmar Quist from left:
Hans Ulrich Schudel, Chairman of the Board
Dr. Dietlind von Laßberg, Vice Chairwoman
Dr. Dietmar Quist, Treasurer
   TO DO!-Project Evaluation, Trainer Tourguide
Yusuf Hacisüleyman Marko Junghänel Claudia Mitteneder from left:
Yusuf Hacisüleyman Member of the Board
Marko Junghänel, Member of the Board
Claudia Mitteneder, Managing Director
   Project Management TO DO!, Trainer Tourguide
Armin Vielhaber
Armin Vielhaber, Honorary Chairman


Stefanie Hirschvogel Eva Hundhammer Friederike Keller from left:
Stefanie Hirschvogel, Deputy Managing Director,
   Office Management
Eva Hundhammer, Project Assistent, TOURA D'OR
Friederike Keller, Project Coordination
Tanja Pickenpack Petra Darchinger Barbara von Schwichow from left:
Tanja Pickenpack, SympathieMagazines
Petra Darchinger, SympathieMagazines
Barbara von Schwichow, SympathieMagazines
Susanne Egermeier Gabriele Ingerl from left:
Susanne Egermeier, Project Assistent, Research, ITB
Gabriele Ingerl, Bookkeeping
Gökhan Tuncer Dr. Ursula Günther from left:
Dr. Gökhan Tuncer, Trainer Tourguide Qualification
Dr. Ursula Günther, Trainer Tourguide Qualification
Klaus Betz Dr. Hermann Warth Dr. Christian Adler from left:
Klaus Betz, Press Trips, TO DO!-Project Evaluation
Dr. Hermann Warth, TO DO!-Project Evaluation
Dr. Christian Adler, TO DO!-Project Evaluation
Angela Giraldo Ludwig Ellenberg from left:
Angela Giraldo, TO DO!-Project Evaluation
Ludwig Ellenberg, TO DO!-Project Evaluation