Dialogue, Exchange of Experiences

Ammerlander Gespräche

Improvements in tourism require a better quality of dialogue, exchange of experiences and co-operation between all partners including mediation when conflicts between different interests need to be balanced. Such balance requires transparency of the different interests and determination to bridge them.

Since 1994, an open dialogue in a confidential atmosphere is held as an annual event, focussing on particularly sensitive subjects in tourism development. Based on personal invitation only top management persons from tourism enterprises and media meet to exchange views and experiences in the search for practical solutions.

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ZwischenRufe (Interjections)

Started in 1999 by Studienkreis, this series of discussions during the ITB Berlin/ Germany attempts to highlight tourism-related issues which might otherwise drift out of sight in the daily routine of the industry. In particular it calls to attention the dimension of responsibility in the tourism sector in a critical but constructive way.
From 2004 to 2010, ZwischenRufe was organized in cooperation with WDR . The event is supported by the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development and ITB Berlin - 2012 also by Studiosus Reisen München .

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