Ammerlander Gespräche

Ammerlander GesprächeImprovements in tourism require a better quality of dialogue, exchange of experiences and co-operation between all partners – including mediation when conflicts between different interests need to be balanced. Such balance requires transparency of the different interests and determination to bridge them.

Since 1994, an open dialogue in a confidential atmosphere is held as an annual event, focussing on particularly sensitive subjects in tourism development. Based on personal invitation only top management persons from tourism enterprises and media meet to exchange views and experiences in the search for practical solutions.
From 2008, the discussions organized as "Ammerlander Gespräche" will also involve as core participants Members of Parliament representing committees of the German Bundestag that deal with issues related to the themes of the discussions.

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Topics discussed so far:

2017: Overexcited - Overdone - Overtourism
2016: Between waves full of doubt and new uprising sympathies
Is policy becoming a seismograph for tourism?
2015: Inclusive tour in times of digitisation
nowadays there is no need for tour operators from a technical point of view
2014: The Unpredictable Region - Political and Social Change in North Africa and the Middle East
Points of view and challenges for the touristic source markets in the German-speaking area
2012: Human Rights and Tourism - Holidays without a question mark?
The travel industry, the media, politicians and consumers often show an ambivalent behaviour. Either there is feeling of relief about the upcoming change in Myanmar or - as a result of the "Arabellion" - an oppressive uncertainty. Some groups call for the boycott of certain holiday destinations and their regimes, others prefer a general debate in the society an refer to "human rights" as a matter of politics only. What to do?
2011: Connected – Generation Facebook on Holiday
What is the impact of the globally networking digital natives on the travel industry? Is there a new form of international mobility and intercultural encounters emerging? Or is it just a business with a virus called "friendship"?
2010: Outsourcing or no budget
Travel journalism splitted between freedom and economic pressure. Where are independence and variety in reporting?
2009: Meet the people on holiday
In-between or off target?
2008: The Russians are coming (and others too)
Accustomed streams of tourists are changing:
Destinations and hoteliers are focusing on new source markets which are also the source of new investors.
2007: Between hype and the need to act:
Are there climate-aware solutions for travelling or do we prefer to celebrate an ongoing deceit?
A round-table discussion in volatile times
2006: Out of the track?
The self-conception of the tour-operators – amidst image advertisement and political abstinence
2005: Cheap and good? Travelling according to the discount principle.
"Aldisation" in tourism - Where remains the quality? Who pays the bill?
2004: On the other side of Europe - on this side of the Orient
Travel to countries with islamic characteristics: How will the tourism industry create confidence, dialogue and encounter in the future? How will the media report?
2003: Tourism without visions? or: How will the future of tour operator packages look like?
2002: The dream is over - or: How much reality can tourism put up with ?
Tourism caught between reality and holiday dream
2001: The holiday destinations
Makers or puppets of the markets ?
2000: The future of resources used in tourism:
Who bears the responsibility - and who acts in accordance with it?
1999: Ethics in tourism - what is a good business?
What is a good holiday trip?

All inclusive trips: Magic formula or deceptive packaging?

1997: Tour operators' commitment to the environment: Global co-responsibility or ecological selling of indulgences? Where are the offers, where the customers?
1996: Entrepreneurial concentration in the German travel industry - the danger of supply and marketing becoming sterile
1995: Last Minute – industrial accident or tourism marketing of the future?


Tourism - victim of violence? - Forms and impact of terrorism and human rights violations in holiday destination countries