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Seefeld, 21st February, 2013
No. 6e/2013

Sympathy or Scepticism --
The Importance of Tourism in Greece

This year's ITB "Interjections - Confronting Conventions"

Friday, 8th March
11:55 - 12:55 hrs ITB Congress
Destination Days
Hall 7.1.a Auditorium New York

on 8th March will focus on one of the most popular holiday destinations of the Germans. Promising growth prospects at the beginning of the year give hope for an improvement of the tense situation in Greece. At ITB congress German and Greek experts will debate the underlying causes and perspectives.

After receiving feedback from international travel agencies during the first months of the year, the Greek Tourism Ministry is expecting a booking increase of up to 40% compared to the last year.

The expected rise of German visitor numbers is estimated to grow beyond 8%. The announced travelers from Great Britain, another important source market, will supposedly reach a similar growth rate.
Simplified visa proceedings for Russian tourists have already shown positive effects and hence make the predicted arrivals expand at a rate of 70%, from 500,000 to 700,000 guests in 2013. The same effect can be observed for the Turkish tourists whose trips to the neighboring country are steadily becoming more and more popular.
Since registering a growth rate of 35% in 2011, the number of cruise ship tourist keeps being a focus of expanding the Greek facilities. The Aegean country holds the third place after Spain and Italy.
Nevertheless, experts like Karola Tippmann of the Institute for Management and Tourism stay sceptical: "We will have to wait and see if the ascend on the horizon will be sustainable in the future." Strategic, comprehensive reformations demanded repeatedly in the past by the Greek Tourism Industry are stuck in small initiatives. "Only long-term planning, including all tourism development factors will create enough jobs and foster the economy", says the tourism expert oft West Coast University of Applied Sciences.
Organized by the Studienkreis für Tourismus und Entwicklung e.V. (Institute for Tourism and Development) Greek and German experts will exchange their opinion on these central aspects during the ITB "Interjections - Confronting Conventions" on 8th March 2013.

Hall 4.1, Booth 230

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