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Ammerland, March 8th, 2003
No. 3a/2003
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TOURA D'OR- Film Contest 2002
Sustainable Tourism in Film and Television Contributions

After having moved, two years ago, from Photokina Cologne to the International Tourism Exchange in Berlin, the Institute for Tourism and Development today announced the award winners of the TOURA D'OR in Berlin. Within the framework of the film contest, which has been organised since 1990 for the promotion of a sustainable tourism, two features are awarded the TOURA D'OR prize. In addition, a film will be presented with the special "Pedagogy" prize of the Conference of Regional Film Services; another film gets a "commendation". Forty-one entries were submitted to the TOURA D'OR film contest, which is held every two years.

According to the established criteria, the features should encourage travellers to look behind the scenes of tourism, promote better understanding for everyday realities in the host countries and for the encounter with the people living there on the basis of mutual respect. Contributions are also solicited that deal with negative aspects and impacts of tourism in a critical and constructive manner, or which show examples of how a socially responsible, environmentally friendly and therefore sustainable tourism can be brought about.

"The jury, in the field of 'information and documentation films', was able to look at a great number of excellent entries - by far exceeding the average", said the managing director of the Institute, Dr. Dietlind von Laßberg, "therefore two TOURA D'OR trophies are awarded as an exception". No awards were given in the category "promotion films and advertising spots" and for "magazines and service contributions". The organisers and supporting organisations would explicitly like to encourage film makers to take up the challenge of the contest for sustainable tourism and to increasingly take into account new perspectives and approaches in these categories as well.

In the category "information and documentation film" the TOURA D'OR prize was awarded for the television feature:
(Südwestrundfunk / Teleglobus, 30 minutes, German, 2001)
The television film vividly describes the current contrasting points of view in the discussion on the infra-structural expansion of the famous world cultural heritage in Peru.

Also in the category "information and documentation films" a TOURA D'OR award goes to the feature:
(Visuella Verktyg and Usambara Encounters, 22 minutes, English, 2001)
The documentation compiled by holiday makers on their visit to an encounter project in the Usambara region in Tanzania shows how local people and tourists are able to get to know each other and, in this process, to learn and find out about each other. The film shows that such encounters are not always conflict-free and do not automatically lead to harmony.

The TOURA D'OR special prize "Pedagogy" of the Conference of Regional Film Services goes to the contribution:
(VSO and Tourism Concern, 12 minutes, English, 2001)
The innovative documentary film "Your place or mine?" shows by its very title that it has to do with location and orientation: The latter is mainly given to young viewers who are advised to adopt a respectful and sensitive attitude when they travel abroad.

A Commendation within the framework of the TOURA D'OR 2002 in the category "other productions" goes to the film:
(AX Media Production and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, 3 x 15 minutes, German, 2000)
Nine-year-old Samba sets out in search of the fantasy creature Ninki Nanka whom his grandfather had told him about. The trail takes the young boy to a journey through West Africa - beyond the clichés of bellies distended by hunger, corrugated iron huts and tribal clashes.

"The most remarkable aspect concerning the films awarded a price at the TOURA D'OR is that they are unwavering. They are mirrowing situations that are not always common place", says the journalist and author Ulla Ackermann in her Laudatio.

The TOURA D'OR is organised every two years by:

Institute for Tourism and Development e.V., Ammerland

In co-operation with:
Foreigners Commissioner of the land of Brandenburg
Federal Ministry for Economic Co-operation and Development
The Protestant Churches' Development Services (EED) - Tourism Watch
Non-Profit Educational Programme North-South-Network of the Confederation of German Trade Unions
Catholic Foreign Office of the German Bishops' Conference;
Conference of non-commercial film distributors;
Austrian Development Co-operation in the Foreign Ministry/respect.


Responsible for the text: Klaus Betz