Ammerland, May 10th, 2004

TODO! Award winner elected Senator of Bali

As first woman ever Ida Ayu Agung Mas will represent the interests and concerns with regard to Bali in the parliament in Jacarta

The founder and owner of the first TO DO! award winning project "Sua Bali" (1995) Ida Ayu Agung Mas was elected as the first female senator of Bali at the recent parliamentary election in Indonesia. For the next five years, and together with three other (male) senators, Mrs. Mas will represent the interests and concerns related to the island of Bali at the "Chamber of Provinces" in Indonesia's capital Jacarta. In a circular letter to her world-wide circle of friends which is almost identical with the circle of guests who know and appreciate the philosophy of "Sua Bali" - the principle of balance - which she has implemented, the TO DO! award winner writes "I have participated in the election in Indonesia in April 2004 as an independent candidate ...and engaged myself during the campaign specifically with regard to the fight against corruption, the role of women in our society and... for sustainable tourism development in Bali, ...and for the next five years I will particularly deal with these issues". (see English/contest/main_wett.html, TO DO!, Info, Rationale) It feels good, she continued in her letter, "that in the future I will be able to play a more important role also at the political level and I hope to be able to give an impetus in the right direction - more so than it has been possible in the past." She hopes that her friends and supporters will understand that due to her new activities she will be no longer in Sua Bali exclusively, "but "Sua Bali" and my guests will be a central part of my life also in the future".

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